Unmasking Session

We walk around holding onto not only contrasting thoughts but contrasting truths – beliefs that we feel are true deep within our bones. Our truths are a mix of guiding principles, non-negotiables and values. Things that we believe are right, real and just.

But what if some of those truths are actually limiting beliefs masquerading as truths holding us back from happiness and success? Holding us back from making the change in the world that we truly want to make?

As the belief holder, it is hard to tell the difference between which “truths” have a mask on and which don’t. Our minds and our bodies have grown around those masked false truths, and it often takes a pivotal moment to bring it to the surface or an outside perspective to help identify it.

As Donald Miller wrote in StoryBrand, you can’t read the label when you’re in the bottle.

That’s where I come in! As your coach, I help show you what’s on the label!

During the Unmasking Session, we will identify a belief that is ready to be unmasked. We will look at recent challenges to find what is rising to the surface to be addressed. And we will see what next steps you can take to step closer to who you truly are.

The 60 minute session is a combination of the practical and the woo because life needs a bit of both. Sessions are catered specifically to your needs during the time together.

You will be met where you are.

You will be seen and held.

You’ll walk away from the conversation lighter and more centered.



“I was looking at the next steps in my career but I felt held back by a barrier I couldn’t identify. I signed up for an Unmasking Session because I trust Lisa not only as a professional but also as a human. I was impressed with how deep we got in a short time.

Since our Unmasking Session, I have been more mindful and check in with myself more often. The other day I was entering a triggering environment and I had the confidence to tell myself I’m not showing up as anyone aside from myself. I want to be true to myself and come into any space as my authentic being, not as the people pleasing person that I was as a kid who would do all the right things to fit in. It was a big deal for me to show up as me in this setting.

I’d recommend Lisa to someone who feels like they’re being held back by some particular thing but they can’t quite pinpoint what that is or someone who’s curious about making change and open to a different approach.”

— Unmasking Client

If you are ready to release a masked belief so you can live and be a truer version of yourself, click the button below!

Unmasking Sessions are $150 for 60 minutes.

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