I have always had what I would describe as some version of beginner’s luck. Not in everything, but in enough things to notice a trend.

The first time I do something, it is really good! But then when I do things the second time around, the results aren’t quite like the first.

This happens constantly with cooking or baking, playing games, creating, and so on.

As I am embarking on this second year of daily blogging, I’m naturally concerned that I’m going to fail – either I’ll get bored and stop or my writing will somehow take a nosedive.

I have to remind myself, just because it feels like “been there done that” doesn’t mean it’s actually true. Things happen a second, third, tenth, hundredth time all the time. Every Monday is the start of a week, and I’m not over here giving up because I’m clocking in yet another week of my life.

Time is a constant – there is no stopping it. What if I were to approach my daily blogging that way? Seth Godin says he blogs everyday because it is a new day. That is definitely a great way to see it.


I write everyday because it allows me to voice what is at the surface. Once that is out of my head, I can dig in another layer deeper. My daily writing practice has been my greatest exploration of self and humanity. Sign up here to receive these thought nuggets in your inbox on the daily.