128. Distractions

Are they distractions or signs that you are focusing on the wrong thing?

127. Never fully woke

Woke is a cop out phrase used to establish status. To say, I know this and you don’t. I am more woke than you. I’m with all these other woke people over here. I’m woke and the work is done. I’m woke and that’s enough. The way some folks...

126. Only treading

We do not have to be moving forward all the time. In fact, we cannot. Sometimes we only have enough to tread water. As someone who doesn’t know how to swim, I can say that is amazing in itself.

125. Presence and Patience

Patience is a learned skill. It is not a skill that children are born with. However, children are ever present. But are patience and presence at odds? There are adults who have both and have neither. How do we cultivate patience while holding onto our...

124. Gratitude is gratitude

We can be grateful because we have an abundance of or we have a shortage of something. Neither create a more authentic or powerful form of gratitude. Ultimately, gratitude is gratitude.