138. Feeling the power

What do you need permission to do? What do you need permission to be? Who are you waiting for to give you the green light to finally stand in your power? How would it feel to feel it?

137. Buried Intuition

We are all intuitive but it can be hard to summon when our social conditioning tells us to trust others more than ourselves and when our trauma creates layers of protection around it. Know that it is within you.

136. Becoming a Matriarch

Once a mother always a mother. This is true but when the children have grown and don’t need the mothering that they once did, what becomes of us? Our motherhood role shifts to one of a matriarch. A matriarch leads and becomes a presence in the everyday lives of...

135. Clock in, clock out

When all the days run into one another, there is no clocking in or clocking out. We feel forever clocked in. But even those with the longest shifts are entitled to breaks. When do you take yours?

134. Me, myself and I – no evidence needed

A claim is discounted sometimes because there is often no evidence or proof for that statement. Do all claims need to be backed by evidence? What if what we are claiming and reclaiming, is ourselves? Do we really need concrete evidence? Isn’t our inner knowing...