My Writing Elsewhere

I have had the privilege to share my writing on some other sites and platforms. Here they are.

My Confinement Month (Juno) – My month of confinement changed the trajectory of motherhood for me. Pigs feet with vinegar, not bathing and lots of resting and ginger helped me gain my bearings in my first 30 days postpartum. Click through to read my story!

Natural Breech Birth: Making Confident Choices in Childbirth (Mom Uprising) – My first birth was fiercely empowering and absolutely rocked my world in the best of ways. Learn how I navigated achieving a natural, non-medicated, breech delivery at a local hospital.


Here are sites and podcasts where I was invited to share my story. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have had these real conversations.

Changing the perspective of parenting (Dive Momma, Kendra Richardson) – My dear friend, Kendra, asked me a series of questions covering parenting, my passions and pursuing my interests while being a mindful and present parent.

Will You Shower During Postpartum? (Birthful Podcast) – I had so much fun chatting with doula, Adriana Lozada, about my traditional postpartum where I ate warming foods, rested and didn’t shower.

Lisa Chin shares her fourth trimester confinement story (Fourth Trimester Podcast) – I spoke to Sarah Trott and Esther Gallagher about my confinement and how it has triggered a mission for me to change how other moms practice their postpartum.

The Fourth Trimester [with Lisa Chin] (Real Food Mamas Podcast) – Real food mama, Aglaée, and I talk about time-proven Chinese traditions as well as concrete practical tips to get the nutrition your need for your postpartum recovery in today’s modern world.

Chatting about identity, living and inspired life and isolation in motherhood (Lose the Cape podcast) – While Alexa talks about losing the cape on her podcast and I tell moms to show off their cape in The Super Mom Village Facebook group, we have the same intention in empowering moms to be gentler with themselves in pursuit of their best selves. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation where I talked about some of my favorite topics.

Vaginal Breech Birth, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Doing the Best We Can (The Postpartum Podcast) – Kellie and I enjoyed a conversation covering a wide range of topics including why motherhood is my best form of therapy.

My history, breastfeeding and motherhood (All About Breastfeeding Podcast) – Lori and I have real talk about many realizations I had entering motherhood. I love everything Lori does to grow awareness and knowledge in breastfeeding and moms don’t get nearly enough information before they face the realities of breastfeeding head on after having their baby.