Aligned Marketing Audit

Looking in the mirror is hard.

But there are people who look at us all – the – time.

Our children. Our partners. Our families. Our friends. Our neighbors.

Dozens of people who are not repulsed, but elated by the very being we see in the mirror.

And why is that?

Because of what they focus on vs. what we focus on.

We see the wrinkles and freckles and bags under our eyes whereas our children see the arms that embrace them.

Our partners see the ears that listen to them.

Our families see the fingers that text to check in on them.

Our neighbors see the friendly face that greets them.

The same happens in our business.

When we look at our business, it’s like looking in a mirror. Our vision is cluttered with all of the things that aren’t the “ideal.”

It takes a different set of eyes to appreciate and capture the things that light others up about you.

That’s where I come in.

Aligned Marketing Audits solves that antsy, hard-to-pinpoint feeling you have when you read your marketing and it seems like it’s missing something, something that directly speaks to your soul and the souls of your desired clients and customers. 

The French call it “je ne sais quoi” which is literally translated to “I don’t know what.”

It is hard to capture what you don’t know.

In an Aligned Marketing Audit, we will close the gaps between you and what you’re offering to ensure it encapsulates the message you want to share, the vision you want to offer and the outcome you want to give to your clients.

This offer is for the creator and changemaker running a mission-oriented business who is struggling with the copy for their website or marketing of their next program.

“Lisa is a word wizard extraordinaire! She has the ability to hear what’s missing in your copy and quickly suggest how to fine-tune your message in a way that spotlights your vision and intention in a way that appeals to your ideal client.”

Rich Oceguera
Producer & Host of The Divine Urge

During your Aligned Marketing Audit, we will spend 90 minutes reviewing a product or service you are bringing into the world and identifying where it can be more congruent with you, your gifts and desired impact. Before the session, you will also have the opportunity to send me any materials to pre-read. Audits are $250.

If you are ready to put the REAL you out there and attract clients who value those parts of you, click the button below.

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