I’m For Real…


Here are some of my personal projects to carry my mission and vision of a world with more real-ness.

I’m for real…


The Fourth Trimester Summit was inspired by my beautiful and supported postpartum. I realized that not all moms have the opportunity to enter motherhood the way I did and I created this summit to share the information I found helpful. Over forty baby experts, doulas, health practitioners, authors and researchers were interviewed for the online summit so that you can gain all of the knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Sign up today and receive 4-5 sessions each day all for free!


Mothering & Community

The Super Mom Village is a private Facebook group for moms to little ones. Join this awesome village of over 250 Super Moms! We share trials, tribulations and triumphs in a judgement free zone. Raising a family is really hard nowadays as we lack family support and true community. Having a virtual one helps take a little bit of that feeling of isolation away.