Spreadsheets are my therapy.

In college, I organized my notes and analysis in Excel, sort and order the notes as I formulated my thesis and would write based on those notes. It was truly a game changer for me. Before that, I would expand my margins and increase my font size to try to get away with lackluster papers. (I literally uncovered one from 10th grade where my teacher said there were better ways to stretch my papers.)

Currently, I’m scenario planning some ideas and entering it into a spreadsheet with some red:yellow:green color coding brought me such clarity in which scenario appears to be the best one.

Surely spreadsheets are one of the more nerdy approaches to problem solving but they work for me. Brains work differently and when you are able to find the tools that work for your brain, there is no shame. I’m glad to have found spreadsheets just as I am glad to have all of the other out-of-the-box tools I use in my life and coaching.


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