If I could choose one thing to do to usher in my next decade, it is to write. Surely a dinner with friends would be lovely and absolutely, time with my family is a must. But by myself, it would be to write. So I do this now as the clock strikes midnight and I will do it again in the morning as I sneak away to the tea house to write with a matcha latte.

I have expanded and folded onto myself in the last decade, and I’m proud that the overall theme of change is that I’ve become more me. This blog, Lisa for REAL, was created in the last decade.

I have become more me by owning my craft and even calling myself a writer. I have cultivated my voice on digital paper, written hundreds of thousands of words and have been paid to write. It has felt wonderful to excavate myself through words and imagery and share them with others.

Another transformation has been my coaching. Creating an approach that helps my clients shed old patterns and identities brings a fulfilment that I haven’t found anywhere else in my professional life. This approach came to me as I journeyed through these last ten years of self work and of…

The biggest transformation of all – motherhood. Power, purpose and pure love are some of the things wrapped up in my motherhood experience. And my development in writing and coaching would never have happened if I did not become a mother.

I’m grateful today for the opportunities I have had to change and to be supported in doing so. I cannot wait to see what the writer, coach and mother (and more) in me does this next decade.


I write everyday because it allows me to voice what is at the surface. Once that is out of my head, I can dig in another layer deeper. My daily writing practice has been my greatest exploration of self and humanity. Sign up here to receive these thought nuggets in your inbox on the daily.