My business accountability partner decided Q3 would be the Quarter of Tough Love. I’m quite looking forward to it.

I naturally lean on my feminine side and also do so through my daily living. Having some tough love would balance it out.

I have been thinking the same about my listening to Joe Dispenza’s meditations. He has a very loud and masculine feel to many of his meditations, and at some point, I’ll likely need a break from them but for now, they work for me as a balance to the feminine.

I don’t have strong feelings that we need to have some specific percentage of feminine vs. masculine in our lives. It is very much dependent on the person, their general make up and their current circumstances. Also, most things aren’t 100% of either of those things so you play around with your mix until you feel like it’s right and then when you feel like you’re in balance, you’ll likely have to change it up again because you’ve changed.

For now, I’m looking forward to embracing this Quarter of Tough Love.


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