No one should tell anyone else that “It will be okay.” That should be one of the top social rules in interacting with anyone – young or old, stranger or friend.

The only person who should tell you that “It will be okay” is yourself. And it should only be done after several deep breaths and in the most loving of tones.

As I anticipate something I don’t want to be part of, I am telling myself “It will be okay” because I don’t have any other words for myself. I’m not saying it in a gaslight-y way. I acknowledge my feelings of anxiety and dread and I am leaning into all of the other experiences in my life that prove to me that things always work out. They happen for a reason and this time is no different even though I have no evidence of it.

As I say to myself “It will be okay,” I think I am placing trust outside of myself – that the Universe will back me up. But really, I am trusting in myself – that I will land on my feet and that I will be able to handle it if my concerns become reality.

Because what is the version of me saying that “It will be okay” and what is the version of me receiving it?


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