I have been suffering from a headache on the left side of my head the last few days. I don’t normally take pain medicine as I believe my body is trying to speak to me in times like these.

When looking up the meaning of a headache on the left side of my head, it told me that it meant someone was looking to harm me. On a lesser level, I interpreted this as some bad energy is being sent my way.

I have no idea who this may be (if it is true) but no matter their feelings for me, I care about them.

I have felt distinctly disliked a few times in my life (and known about it). And while on the surface, I have had a kneejerk reaction that I dislike that person too because they dislike me (because I’m human), I still care about them.

I care about their health. I care about their family, their kids, their grandkids. I care about the packages on their steps. I care about whether they go to bed happy and full. I care about their emotional wellbeing. I care about their marriage. I care about the deeper reasons they dislike me.

Because it’s not really about me. Their feelings towards me comes from within them, a place where love and care were distorted. And my hurling feelings of dislike back towards them does not improve anything for either of us.

So instead, I choose to care for the human and the soul they are.


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