In one aspect of my life, it feels like I’m stuck. I’ve been looking for a way out for a while. I’ve done research. I’ve reached out for support. I’ve tried to shift my mindset.

All unsuccessfully.

It is the only area of my life that feels out of my control, unchangeable despite my efforts. I feel completely disempowered which feels incongruent as an “Empowerment Coach.”

But I’m human first.

No matter what kind of roles we may hold, we are human first.

No matter what accolades we have received and goals reached, we are human first.

No matter how far we’ve come and how distant those “old identities” are, we are human first.

So much heartache, sorrow and despair exists because we forget that those emotions are very much part of the human experience. Trying to latch onto those other roles and identities to try to override our humanity does not rid us of the “negative,” and it doesn’t make us superhuman.

Life is clouds and rainbows, darkness and light, sorrow and joy. And being human first is to stand under both the clouds and the rainbows, holding space for both darkness and light and feel joy through the sorrow and sorrow through the joy.


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