Watching the Olympic trials, I am in awe of the diligence and perseverance that the athletes have in order to perform at their level.

When I was younger, my awe was reserved for those who were naturals. I remember two separate occasions in middle school and high school watching two different girls in the school orchestra pick up an instrument for the first time and play it beautifully. They were natural musicians who had a knack for hearing notes, moving their fingers and adapting to new instruments. I came across other naturals as well – artists who could effortlessly draw and singers and dancers and so on.

I didn’t quite understand that with effort I could also take my skills up to the next level. I always thought that the naturals had a head start and I would never catch up.

Age has given me the wisdom that while being naturally good at something is very cool, it is not an excuse to not try to do the thing. Putting the power in being a natural means placing power outside of our control. You don’t have to be a natural to be good at something. Diligence and perseverance also deserve to be awed.


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