As a life long procrastinator, it has been interesting to shift into being and early riser. Procrastinating has always been coupled with staying up late.

While I have been waking early, I am still a procrastinator. Instead of staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish something, I wake up early to get things done.

Early morning procrastinating has felt different. It feels more hopeful, less desperate than staying up late trying squeeze out the very last of the goodness before the sun rises. Last week, I had a presentation for which I had the sequence of the slides outlined. The night before, I decided against staying up late to get them done and instead, had more than enough time and energy to get them done after meditating in the morning.

Shifting into early morning procrastinating feels like I trust myself and time more. I trust that everything will work out after I have placed my sleep and wellbeing first. Just four months ago, I would have given this optimistic, rested version of myself with a questioning and doubtful stare. It’s a grand lesson that who we are is never fully set, and it serves us to be open to becoming the next version of ourselves.


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