It is not contributive to write someone off entirely based on one of their beliefs.

This thought might be considered a “hot take” in a time where people are more comfortable running into one of two extremes rather than finding a place in the middle. Perhaps it’s because we have been conditioned to “other” others who think differently and see them as the enemy. And perhaps in a time of civil unrest (when is it never a time of civil unrest?), it feels like it is a moral imperative to choose a side and if others don’t or if they choose the “wrong” side, they are bad.

As I tell my kids, no one is all bad or all good. We have a little bit of each within us.

The state of the world I want to live in is more together through understanding, compassion and connection – not through fear, anger and separation. There is a difference between holding a boundary because you do not personally have the capacity to be in space with someone on the other extreme vs. expecting everyone to see that person as “bad” and side with you. If we did that, connection would cease to exist.


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