Way too many people question themselves – whether they are good enough, whether they belong, whether they are smart enough.

We are overflowing with doubt. It comes from inside and oozes out of our pores, buffering us from what we want to accomplish in the outside world.

We tend to blame ourselves for our doubt because it is coming from within, but it actually exists beyond us, beyond this current place and time. Part of it is our lived experience and much of it is our lived experience in an extractive, patriarchal, white supremacist society.

Marginalized individuals, including women, LGBTQIA+, minorities and people at the intersections of these identities, are highly susceptible to this self doubt.

Self doubt doesn’t exist because we are actually incompetent. It exists because we cannot feasibly achieve the level of perfection that society demands of us because that perfection is outside of us. This does not mean anyone who isn’t a white, hetero, cis male give up. It means we have to understand what we are actually working with when we experience this doubt and find ways to work around it.


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