What if we only had one measurement of time – a lifetime.

While cyclical time would continue to exist in nature with the sun rising, moon orbiting and seasons changing, we’d get rid of manmade time.

Achieving accolades and milestones on a certain schedule wouldn’t exist. The constant push to get all the things done wouldn’t exist. Deadlines wouldn’t exist – our deadline would be to things done in our lifetime.

Our distinct ideas of old and young would disappear.

If someone lives for 85 years or someone lives for 15 years, they’re here. They’re here to do the thing that they’re here to do. And the loss of someone at 15 or at 82 is a loss. And the potential that someone had at 15, is not greater than the person at 82. Because they came here to do what they came here to do.

So instead of years, months, week, days, hours, minutes and seconds, what if we looked at life in lifetimes?


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