My body has tells.

My right knee will have a dull ache when my body is physically exhausted. It’s a strong dull ache that says “Time to rest!”

The left side of my chest will compress and feel restricted when I need to get things off my plate. It is a sign of overwhelm, being off balance and/or possibly out of integrity with myself. It’s also usually a sign for me to stop and rest.

My body and voice will shake when I am speaking something truthful. Not as in I’m not telling a lie – rather that what I am saying is in collaboration with the Universe and it is absolutely true and the truth comes from outside of me. At first I thought this was nerves but as I noticed over the years, it was not a weakness but a sigh of alignment.

In order to find our bodies’ tells, we must see that our body is in collaboration with us. It is here to help and guide us, not to hinder and limit us. Our bodies have an innate intelligence, connected to higher and more vast powers than we can grasp with our minds.

We came in with this body. It is the thing that makes us human, and it will help us thrive in this human existence.


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