For the past 9-10 months, I’ve had two almost completely painted cornhole structures hanging out in the garage. They were not my idea. In fact, I told my husband I wanted nothing to do with his project.

He cut the wood and built them, worked with the kids on the design and handed it off to me.

I really enjoy painting and hands on projects. But painting cornhole structures was not the way I wanted to spend my last days of summer (last year).

Over a couple of days, I got the first coat on, applied painter’s tape and painted the fun overlapping stripes in colors the kids picked out. There were places to touch up but I was struggling to cross the finish line. We put them to the side of the garage and I avoided eye contact every time I passed by the structures.

Today, I finally did it. I sat myself in my driveway for 3 hours and completed the task (and I get to pass it back over to my husband to apply the polyurethane).

It feels very satisfying to get that off my plate so I can move onto to the next project. And that was really what motivated me today. I wanted to do tie-dye with the kids and thought – I can’t start a new project until I get that one off my plate. Maybe that’ll be a good approach next time I feel stuck in the loop of incompletion.


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