I’m in the thick of motherhood where I am doing my best to be present with my kids and I’m also already thinking of my time after they are out of the house.

I’ve seen a lot of older mothers have a tough time when their kids move out and really missing their kids. I’ve wondered if that has to be the case.

I believe that I am questioning the norm around this only because I think my mom had a different experience when I went to college and when I moved to Boston (with her blessing). While I didn’t travel relatively far for college, I believe she would have been okay if I went on the other side of the country. Her identity was not tied to our physical proximity.

Is one form of attachment better than the other?

I’m not sure. Motherhood is complex and I’ve only experienced a portion of it. Who knows – I may very well join those older mothers and lament my kids leaving. Or maybe I’ll share my mother’s experience.

Time can only tell.


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