Just as the shore does not try to hold onto each wave, we must learn to let go of things with the trust that more will be coming.

The shore cannot hold onto infinite waves. It releases each wave to allow the next to come.

Space needs to exist in order for more [abundance, love, joy] to come in. Sometimes space needs to be made. And sometimes that can feel scary.

Space can feel empty, lonely, abandoned, cold, sad. It is tempting to want to fill it in with stuff without regard to whether it is practical, significant or enjoyable. Filling in space, even mindlessly, can feel as good as a full belly of chips and dip after a hard day.

But space must exist for more to come. And the thing with space is it cannot create itself.

It is really up to us to weed through the piles, toss what’s weighing us down and not give into the temptation to fill it back up again. We’ve got to create a safe relationship with space because it is through spaciousness that we can have expansion. While the butterfly forms in the cocoon, it breaks out in order to have the space to fly.


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