Unsurprisingly, the thing I’ve grappled with the most since moving up my bedtime is how it has reduced my personal time. This is the time I get the extra’s done and often, my writing.

My youngest slept at 10:30 tonight [insert sobbing face] and I feel so squeezed of the day, all the juice extracted out with nothing more to give.

Over the last few months, my earlier bedtime has given me a greater sense of urgency and also opportunities to practice presence. Often, I can’t fit in everything I want in the day, and sometimes the day has an agenda of its own and is filled with the unplanned and unpredictable. So I have to make the most of each day, prioritize what is important, go with the flow and live it with as little regret as I can.

It’s not unlike life. Without life’s bedtime (i.e., death), we would meander these hallowed halls purposelessly.

Now part of me is wondering if I can live more fully by moving my bedtime up even more.


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