I’ve recently started using an AI app that takes my voice recordings and transcribes them. I have used the Voice Memos app on my iPhone for a few years and always wished I could get the notes of what I said. This app summarizes my audio clips and creates bullet points as well. 

I’ve found this so helpful as I often record my thoughts on my drives if I have something to hash out or if I have a thought that I’d like to take further.

Another output option in the app is to create a blog post from the recording. Out of curiosity, I clicked it and was impressed with what it created from the recording I made on my way home from the grocery store today.

While I was reading the draft of the blog post, I realized I didn’t want use AI to draft my blogs. My voice would get lost and muddled and the reason people read my writing is because of me (I think).

Then I wondered if I was being naïve in avoiding AI. 

I wonder if I will backtrack on this thought in the future as AI becomes more commonplace and not only acceptable but an expectation. Part of me wouldn’t be surprised and part of me hopes it will never happen.

Who knows how AI will change the way we write, share and communicate. All I can do is stay in the now and share as authentically as I can today. 


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