I’m on Day 2 of a 3 day kitchari cleanse (kitchari is a yummy and soothing bean and rice dish with origins to India – I also like to add avocado to it). It has been many years since I’ve gone on a cleanse. Growing, nursing and raising babies has taken too many resources to focus on cleansing.

However, as I end my tenth year of motherhood, I’m really happy to jump back into taking care of my body.

I shared with a coworker that I was going on a cleanse and she was a bit wary, indicating that cleanses sound unhealthy and a version of “diet culture.” I completely understood where she was coming from.

Like anything else, cleanses are about intention. Surely, some people have gone on unhealthy cleanses to lose weight or go down a dress size. I’ve done some strict cleanses but never with those intentions and never to the point where I would sacrifice my mental, emotional or physical wellbeing to get to the finish line.

I explained to her that cleanses do a couple things for me –

First, they help break my soft-core addiction to food where I overeat, consume too much sugar and snack mindlessly. By going on a cleanse, I reteach my body what is normal and feels good for me. It resets my food choices so when the cleanse ends, I’ll start a new cycle of making better choices.

Second, going on a cleanse also helps me get in touch with my body. It helps re-establish my baseline. If I continue to overeat, indulge my sweet tooth and snack a bunch, not only will I not feel great but also I will actually have forgotten what great feels like. Not having gone on a cleanse in ~8 years, I have wondered if my ‘good’ days are actually ‘meh’ days in disguise. It’s like doing a science experiment and removing all the variables to create the standard.

Our food choices are very personal. My sharing is not to convince you that you need a cleanse (that would actually promote diet culture and food shame). My sharing is to show that cleanses are about taking a break from our regular choices, getting in touch with your body and a way to tap into your potential.


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