My computer has a blue screen right now. (So I switched to my phone.)

It says it’s run into a problem and needs to restart but not before collecting some error info.

What type of information could it be collecting?

What data has Microsoft collected over time from their forced restarts?

Have they drawn any conclusion between the forced restarts and the users who let their computers get to that state?

Have they found that those who haven’t restarted their computer in 2+ weeks have a hard time restarting themselves?

Have they found that the owners who crash their computers due to dozens of browser windows and hundreds of tabs open seem to have a a hundred tabs open in their mind themselves?

Have they found that the ones who defer the restart also defer some of the more important things in life?

The blue screen is a bit like a bad breakup or a positive diagnosis or losing a job – a moment in time where we are forced to pause and re-evaluate the actions that led to that moment.


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