On Monday night, I had a really wonderful, memorable time facilitating a workshop on inner peace.

Before the event, I received multiple texts from friends wishing me a good workshop. While I know my friends support me, I have not actually received so many well wishes before one of my events. This really uplifted me.

The attendees really connected with one another which was my main intention of the workshop. Folks exchanged phone numbers outside before heading to their cars. A few even planned on attending a Latin dancing class together at the library in a couple of weeks.

I spent the next day in a bit of a haze. Then, I listened to a class where Kimberly Ann Johnson spoke about our (collective) inability to stay in the ‘good’ of things (my interpretation of her words). Societally, we have an inability to take in and be with pleasure. Instead, once we feel something good, we’ll start looking for the flaws or downplay how good it is.

I realized I had been doing that by being totally distracted all day and also eating half a bag of chips instead of starting my cleanse as I had intended to. I was so disconnected that I hadn’t realized I was in a way bringing myself ‘down’ after the excitement and satisfaction of the event.

When we pay attention, signs and teachings are all around us.

Taking in Kimberly’s words, I realized I hadn’t fully taken in the goodness of the previous evening. Instead, I immediately went into self-sabotage. Oftentimes, simply shining a light on a pattern is enough to make it scurry away. I’m hoping this pattern goes similarly as I think taking in the good is a very good thing.


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