As of late, I’m embracing ease more and even, dare I say, seeking it. For a very long time, I have thought things need to be hard. 

When we go looking for trouble, it’ll find us.

The same goes for everything else. We will bring into our life what we expect and what we look for – the positive and the negative. This happens without our knowing because our subconscious plays such a huge role in our experiences.

I’ve shared with friends recently that I’ve been in a more peaceful, flowing place. As I tried to understand why and looked back at my calendar and my daily blogs, I see that the source of it was shedding my “night owl” identity. 

Ever since middle school, my propensity has been to stay up late to get things done. At the end of February, I declared I was tired of being tired so I started sleeping earlier. This led to meditating in the morning which surprisingly developed into a daily practice. 

If you told me at the start of 2024 that I’d be voluntarily waking at 5:30 each morning to meditate, I would have had some choice words about your mental cognition. 

But the last couple of months has affirmed that our answers lie in the unexpected.

It feels grandiose to say – my life has shifted in all areas by deciding to sleep earlier. Through more rest and meditating, I’ve gained more patience with my kids. It has allowed me to flow through some hectic weeks while in the wild rapids of work and responsibilities. And the Universe has undeniably had a hand in offering me opportunities that started the day after I decided I was no longer a night owl.

One pivotal event has been meeting a new friend/colleague/spiritual traveler who recently asked what I really want to do with my work. That question felt like the cumulation of the past two months.

In my coaching work, I have often opted for what makes “most sense” – logic is easier to justify than what tugs at the heart. 

We default to logic because we are scared of losing our basic needs, sense of safety and relationships. Opting for logic feels secure in this 3D realm where safety is not guaranteed.

As I have embraced the unknown the past couple of months, I’m trusting the world more. My moments of ease and flow make safety feel more certain and a guarantee rather than something at the whim of external forces. When safety feels more of a guarantee, we become more daring. 

So in that conversation, I shared my big vision – to help individuals heal their inner child with my personal approach. 

Since that bold statement, I’ve felt a fundamental shift and affirmation of the path including a session where the client said “your approach and spirit allowed me to access the healing so quickly.” I’m excited and even more so – trusting and in flow.


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