A thought I’m exploring…

We are not here to change the world – at least not in the way that many think it means to “change the world.”

We are here to change ourselves.

It sounds selfish and individualist to say that because who doesn’t want to change the world?

From young age, we play superhero or inventor or president. We pretend to do extraordinary things with our characters. We are praised when we sacrifice for the greater good. We are taught to think big!

Surely, what I do impacts the world but I am not a policymaker nor a war general nor a source of influence for millions of people. I am not directly changing the world with my actions.

This may sound disempowering. Perhaps it might have felt like I took some of your power away by shining a light on how little control I have over the world.

But this does not mean I’m(you’re) not important!

Broader change must come from individual change. It’s the only way it’s sustainable.

If we each do our part to change ourselves, then we move the needle to a changed world.


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