In meditation today, I saw so clearly how we are beams of light connected to something above, much bigger than us. We are extensions of a greater consciousness, a source of inspiration, love and knowing.

This connection is so potent.

At the same time, here we are, earth beings distracted by what is in front of us and behind us, to our left and to our right.

We get so busy and distracted that we forget we have this connection above!

Instead of allowing inspiration, love and knowing to enter our being, our earth plane brain is focused on what is around us. It is trying so hard to keep us safe that it completely cuts off the connection to the greater light.

I wonder about this earthly existence and what the whole point of it is. Today, I’m thinking perhaps it’s to experience the contrast between living in and out of alignment and to see if we can turn off our earth plane brain to remember who we are.


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