Everyone has a voice and a unique perspective to share whether that be through words, dance, paint, clay, food, cloth or whatever their preferred medium is. But most people feel that their point of view is not worth sharing.

But how can they not?

We all have a whole lifetime of experiences and stories that has shaped how we see the world – no one else can say that! There is only one me and there is only one you.

If someone doesn’t believe that they have a voice/story/point of view worthy of sharing, they either need to develop it/hone it/find it or they need to believe it and claim it. And likely, it’s a mix of both.


I write everyday because it allows me to voice what is at the surface. Once that is out of my head, I can dig in another layer deeper. My daily writing practice has been my greatest exploration of self and humanity. Sign up here to receive these thought nuggets in your inbox on the daily.