When we do something for long enough, it is easy to say I’m a ____ kinda person. We attach said thing to our personality, our identity, allowing it to define who we are.

It could be something positive, like writing everyday – “I’m a writer” – or it may be something negative like smoking – “I’m a smoker.” But even saying positive and negative here attaches some sort of judgment to what is being done.

In reality, anything done to that point that it becomes a part of us is worth re-examining. Does that thing have control of me, or am I still dictating the relationship?

This can go for something “positive” like writing or something “negative” like smoking.

Today, due to circumstances out of my control, I did not wake up early and start my day with a meditation – the first time in about a month. I felt some level of guilt around it but I have broken enough streaks to know that the lapse does not define me unless I allow it to. Yes, meditation is a wonderful thing but isn’t the point of it to practice unattachment? How ironic it would be of me to lose presence in this situation?

Sticking to something is a positive thing, until it isn’t. Don’t allow consistency or breaking that consistency to define you.


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