I am listening to a recent episode of Mel Robbins’ podcast where she speaks about synchronicity. A synchronicity is when we making meaning between two seemingly random or unrelated events.

My brain, which loves making meaning of things, has been seeing synchronicities well before I knew of the word. They helped me make sense of the world when no one really gave me an explanation of what was happening around me. I had to fill in the blanks myself and got to choose the meaning for many things. Meaning gave me comfort and a feeling of groundedness in a childhood that made me hypervigilant.

Synchronicities have enabled me to work through some of my darkest moments. They help make more sense of life, and when they happen, I go wide-eyed with wonder and awe.

They remind me that there is a greater power at play, that I don’t control all the pieces/parts of my life and that releasing control can actually bring about results better than I could have imagined.

Ultimately, synchronicities are a choice, an optional belief. But wouldn’t you rather live in a world where the magic of synchronicities happen? Wouldn’t it serve you better if you chose to believe that random occurrences are connected than not?


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