I’m working on embracing the idea that what is good for me is good for the world.

When I first heard this, it seemed like a selfish idea. How can it be that what is good for me is good for everyone else?

I certainly believe in the ripple effects of one person’s act but how can things that are specifically good for me have that kind of impact?

One way I have tested this theory is around cancelling or rescheduling meetings/meet-ups. If I’m not feeling like I’ll be my best self or I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be, I will cancel a meeting. Sometimes I do it based on a gut feeling. There have been times when I’m down to the wire before canceling and other times when I still have ample time. It’s especially difficult when it is last minute and I feel like I’ll come across like a total flake.

But in many cases, it’s been evident it was the right thing to do. I’ll hear from the other person that they needed that time back or something will happen last minute on either of our end which would have necessitated a cancellation anyway, like a sick kid or an urgent obligation.

I’m going to continue to test this theory and see where else it can be applied to my life. It’s a wonder…could the world really work if we did what was good for us?


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