I don’t have any issues restarting. I’m not particularly attached to the here and now – aside from my family. I’m ready at any moment to drop everything and create anew. Some may see this as a positive trait since so many people stick to one thing for too long.

But I wonder, could this propensity to toss aside all of it be my version of sticking to something for too long?

Just as others could take on a bit of that attitude of restarting, I think I could take on some of that energy to stick to something for longer.

We are all stuck in patterns. Sometimes we switch from one pattern to another because it’s the right thing to do, but then we continue on even when that new pattern no longer serves us.

It’s always worth a double check to see if our patterns are contributing or detracting from our lives. And if they are detracting, we should never be afraid to restart.


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