I had a meeting today with an older person with more experience in business and teaching spirituality, and I was honestly so intimidated.

It has been a really long time since I’ve felt that way about meeting someone.

As I shared how the meeting went (well) and about how I felt during it, my mother-in-law asked if that person was portraying themselves in a way to make me intimidated or what is my own doing.

I immediately told her it was my own doing.

The thing is, even if this person was trying to be intimidating, the feelings I have are mine. I am the person generating the nerves and overwhelm. I’m not saying that the other person wouldn’t be in the wrong if they decided to intimidate me but that is truly separate from how I took in the situation.

I hope to have many more conversations like these with people who I respect and who I want to learn from. Next time, I’ll know that meditating and grounding would be good things to do beforehand. I also will thank my body for showing me how much she cares for the meeting and allow her to shake off the nerves. And lastly, I will tell that part of me who feels like an imposter who doesn’t belong at the table that she absolutely does because she is sitting at that table!


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