It can be hard to dream without limitations. If someone were to ask me where I would want to travel to, if I could go anywhere in the world, I would try really hard to come up with an original destination and probably say a place that I’ve already been. Or if someone were to ask me what I would do with a million dollars, I’d have a hard time making up an extensive wishlist.

We are told to dream and yet, time and time again in our lives, we are told our dreams and desires are “not feasible,” they don’t “fit in our budget,” they “don’t happen to people like us,” “maybe next year,” “maybe next lifetime.”

So if we have been told time and again that we can’t dream the way we want to dream, it may be really hard to actually imagine what makes up our picturesque retirement, our dream business, our perfect vacation, our aligned job, our ideal day.

Let’s practice dreaming more. Let’s give ourselves permission to dream bigger, broader, differently, touching on all the desires we were told “no.” Perhaps then, we’ll be able to fully dream.


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