One of the hardest feelings is to feel like you could be doing better but you’re not.

It brings up feelings of shame, inadequacy, hopelessness and so much more.

The truth is we could always be doing “better.” There is always a possibility of doing more, doing it more gracefully, doing it more consistently, doing it more beautifully and so on. The comparison of ourselves to some made-up better version of ourselves is a trap.

It may feel that in order to escape this trap, we must savagely, aggressively or angrily claw our way out. Like desperation or perspiration will help us escape. Or, on the contrary, we may hunker down, overwhelmed with hopelessness and submit ourselves to never living up to those pretend standards.

What would serve us more than either of those scenarios is to imagine the trap lifting away. After all, it is only our mind that is putting the trap there. As we envision that trap lifting, we can see ourselves walking outside of that area into a sunny field with more possibilities gracing us that we can imagine.

If we can trap ourselves, we can also free ourselves.


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