One of the biggest realizations in my mothering that opened up a well of compassion for my family line, and really for humanity as a whole, is understanding that we are all kids raising kids.

Being a parent is triggering, and, I think for many generations, this was not something they were aware of. So, for many generations, we have wounded adults with their share of childhood trauma and conditioning raising kids who then became adults with their share of challenges raising kids and so on.

This does not mean they did a poor job. In fact, quite the opposite. They survived and even thrived in some ways. I come from a lineage of people who were doing their best, and there is gratitude and love in my heart and soul for that.

AND I also believe that doesn’t mean acceptance and continuing every practice because it “worked.” I get to break the patterns that no longer serve and some that arguably never served. And for that, I have so much gratitude and love.


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