Listening is an art.

Art is centered so much on doing, flourishes of activity and creating a thing. Listening seems very passive in comparison, but it actually requires full attention and presence of body, mind and spirit. It requires for us to hold back to give space for the person to speak and for us to share our voice when the time is appropriate.

Instead of a canvas or a stage, we give space in our heart and in the space between us and the sharer for what will emerge to emerge. Listening allows for silence which is just as powerful as words. Through silence, we can actually draw out more of the story.

And listening heals.

We all want to be heard – many of us yearn for it. When was the last time our words felt truly welcome, valid and held? When was the last time we were able to shed our personas to share raw-ly in front of another? And when were the first times we were not seen and heard? The answers to these questions reveal the deep healing power of listening.

Yes, listening is the unspoken healing art.


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