Being an empath with five other people in my house makes for some tough days when moods go down or sour. Surely as a “spiritual” person, I “should” be able to “protect” my emotions. I think I do most of the time, particularly for strangers or those outside my home. However, my mood is more easily swayed by my family and I think that’s okay.

What is the point of being an empath if I can’t use my super powers with those I love? We should be impacted by those around us, and I’d argue that the connection should include those outside of our homes. However, we are taught so much that feelings are bad and that we must “protect” ourselves that we close ourselves off too much and in turn, close ourselves off from our own feelings, from our empathy.

It is always about balance. Sometimes we need to be in preservation mode. But if we are unnecessarily in preservation mode all the time, then we aren’t living.


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