For a long time, I thought, “I don’t need money – I can get by with very little.”

And I wore that like a badge of honor.

When you grow up poor, you learn to be savvy with money and you develop a mindset that you don’t need a lot of money. I hold nothing against that school of hard knocks but I have come to realize with help from different friends and mentors that just because we can get by with very little doesn’t mean that we should.

How often do we lower our standards, our requirements, because what is being presented to us is passable? Do we ask for alternatives or do we settle?

And how often do we have to compensate because what’s outside of us is not meeting a certain level of expectation? How often are we sinking and shrinking so as not to outshine or overshadow another?

These are the things we learn to do to survive and as we grow up, more and more experiences affirm those beliefs.

Good thing for us is that beliefs can be rewritten. I believe that we deserve to thrive – not just get by. I believe that when I have money, it doesn’t take away from anyone else. And I believe that with more money received, I can give more.

How would you like to rewrite your ingrained beliefs on money?


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