“What if you get what you want?”

It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it? You’d feel free, joyful, happy and maybe even blissful.

But what was the thought right before saying the “right” answer, the answer that our brains want to believe, the answer that is logical and rational?

Maybe it was some variation of…

I won’t get what I want.
I don’t deserve what I want.
I don’t know what I want.
I’m not good enough.
That’s not possible.

These are our subconscious thoughts that show themselves every once in a while and if we are unaware, we miss them.

Subconscious thoughts are why affirmations don’t work for me. (I don’t think they are particularly effective in general but I won’t be so bold to say whether they work or not for you.)

Affirmations address and reinforce those rational, logical thoughts – not the subconscious thoughts that are really driving the bus.

It is the subconscious thoughts that are causing us to self-sabotage any chance of getting what we want, to enter and stay in the same dead-end relationships and to keep us within the glass ceiling at our jobs.

It’s only through addressing the subconscious patterning that we can remove those self-sabotaging thoughts and actions. Then, once the patterning has been revised, maybe affirmations will be more effective.

If you are interested in how we can rewrite your patterning, reach out to schedule an Exploration Call.


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