Alignment is a word overused but it remains something important to many people I speak to. It is likely that you are like me and are seeking alignment.

And how do people seek alignment? They quit jobs, move to new towns, change their wardrobe and so on.

In conversation with a friend, she shared that perhaps it was time for me to make a certain change to my life because it was obviously that this part of my life wasn’t serving me. And after thinking about it, I agreed with her. However, I told her that I can’t make that change right now.

In reading the Power of Integrity last year, I saw that this one aspect of my life is the single greatest component to be out of alignment, out of integrity, with the life I seek.

So yeah, it sucks, but it’s not always possible for all of the parts of our lives to be in 100% alignment.

Perfect alignment is a myth and a dangerous one to be putting out there as attainable and reasonable.

I shared with my friend that while this one part of my life is not in alignment with me, I am greatly aligned to my life because internally, I am aligned. I know what I stand for, I have prioritized what’s important to me and while I complain, I also am in integrity and aligned with my life at the moment.


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