It seems the world is unraveling more and more each day due to the imbalance of power and the pursuit of more.

Concurrently, I am also seeing people hoping, praying and rallying for peace.

What came to me today – power is not the antithesis of peace. It is actually the answer.

However, the answer is not the desperate pursuit of external power but the reclamation of inner power.

What we need in the world right now are more people, more leaders who are in their power, their inner authority, their truth. This world will not come to peace with leaders who seek external accolades, trophies and “wins” to compensate for the lack of true self awareness and self compassion.

It is time for this world to have new leaders at every level – communities, companies, governments. New leaders who are truly in their power, reclaiming who they are so they can create a more just and peaceful world.


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