I’m playing with the notion that the world is in such turmoil right now because we are in an evolution, personally and collectively.

For a very long time, systems and structures told us who we were, what our place was in society and what we were allowed to do/go/become.

Now, we are realizing that those systems and structures are not sustainable, do not reflect who we are and are broken. In the process of stripping away the labels, barriers and limitations placed on us, we do not have (nor want) anyone or anything dictating who we are, and therefore, we must determine it for ourselves which can be and is scary, confusing and emotional.

In the midst of shedding ourselves of the societal systems and structures and seeking a new definition of self, we are constantly pulled back by our lifetime of experiences that dictate to us what is seemingly familiar and safe. So on top of the shedding of what is old and trying to embrace what is new, we have to come to terms with our experiences, resolving what is keeping us in an old mindset.

No wonder so many of us are freaking exhausting.

Oh yeah, and piling on simply existing day-to-day in society, trying to create change via our work and creativity and/or parenting with intention so that our kids don’t have to experience the same…

Yup. This work is a lot.


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