I have been looking towards this number day for a while – 265 means there are only 100 days left to the year.

It is totally arbitrary and yet feels important at the same time.

Our brains create meaning where they want to.

100 days feels quite significant. It feels like the right time to look back to see what has happened for me so far this year and to look forward in gratitude for what will happen for me the rest of the year.

We are always in this space and time of ‘now’ where there is always a before and after. We always have a choice to say if life is happening for us or to us. We have agency in making meaning or not to.

While the earth may revolve around the sun and spin on its axis without any input from me, there is no doubt that those planetary miracles are happening for me. Perhaps the same can be said for all the other things around me whether there is any input from me.


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