Sometimes I fall asleep with the kids and then groggily wake up, get to my computer and hit a second wind as I write my blog for the next day.

Over the last almost 3 years of blogging daily, this has happened dozens of times. Night time is my quiet, reflective writing time and a non-negotiable.

What does it mean to come back to my computer every night to write?

It anchors me in my day. No matter what happens, I am back here, clearing cobwebs, trying to make sense of my thoughts, feelings and experiences of the last 24 hours. When I used to write and send an email newsletter once a week, I would freeze – I had way too many thoughts I hadn’t sorted through to create a coherent email.

Writing everyday gives space for the thoughts that are lingering to leave my body through my fingers. When that happens, I can look deeper, feel deeper and then, write about what is happening below the surface because there isn’t anything skipping around in my brain distracting me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – writing daily has transformed my life. I believe I’ve only started to see the impact. It is something I encourage for anyone who is looking for clarity and direction and want to tap into their inner voice and power.


I write everyday because it allows me to voice what is at the surface. Once that is out of my head, I can dig in another layer deeper. My daily writing practice has been my greatest exploration of self and humanity. Sign up here to receive these thought nuggets in your inbox on the daily.