My house is abuzz with energy. School bags are packed and ready to go. For the first time in almost 6 years, I will be working from home withOUT children for the majority of the day. 


I always love September because the sense of possibility in new experiences, relationships and learning feels like the stuff made from dreams. 

Today, I feel the same possibility as one stage of motherhood transitions into another. It is also a transition in who I am as an employee, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a wife and so on. 

As humans, we cannot silo out one part of our life from the others. A transition in one stage and identity ripples into other parts of who we are as well. And from experience, it can be heavy and overwhelming (in addition to joyful!) as there is no clean before and after.

In the last week, I had some personal things happen that touched on all parts of me. As I continue to integrate those changes, today’s transition is happening. It is like rolling from high tide to high tide without the break of a low tide, and that’ll happen as there is no guarantee of low tides.

If you are feeling the feels today because of back to school or because you are already overwhelmed by the next three months or because a bazillion planets are in retrograde, give yourself grace, love and acceptance. Most (if not all) of the things on your to-do list can wait just a bit. Mark this transition by sitting in meditation, lighting incense or taking a walk. 

Nothing stays the same but that doesn’t make the transition any less significant. You’re allowed to feel all the feelings.

Are you experiencing a transition right now? How are you marking it?


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