An ability we all need to grow is asking ourselves hard questions. And if we can’t ask them of ourselves, then we’ve got to find people who we trust to ask us and to hold the space and accountability for us to truthfully answer those questions.

Breaking through barriers means we are doing things we have never done before, and those things have been surrounded by walls that said we shall not pass. And frankly, we will not pass through those walls by thinking, saying and doing the same things we have always done.

The discomfort of the hard questions is part of the price we pay to get to the other side.

This is something I have enjoyed doing as it has gotten me through many walls and will help me to break down more. I don’t think discomfort is a bad thing. We’ve got to get at least a little uncomfortable to become the next version of ourselves. I mean, a caterpillar completely dissolves into some sort of goo before reassembling into a butterfly.

Ask yourself the hard questions (or have me do it) and become that butterfly.


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